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We do recruiting, but a bit better...


Relocate Me is specialized in custom-built recruitment of IT specialists.

We are the group of recruitment professionals aimed to expand your team with high-qualified and open-minded IT Engineers, who will become valuable members of your company.

Relocate Me offers full-cycle recruitment services based on reliability, transparency and nicety even to the smallest details.

Our winning points are significant expertise in international recruitment, huge database of IT specialists, excellent networking and the desire to fulfill an order in the best way.

Magnify your team with the highly-skilled IT Engineers

Everything we do - deliver tailored solutions for you!





Recruiting + Relocation




Remote team






Key benefits


  • We will totally assist your hiring process;
  • We will find those candidates who you can’t find yourself;
  • We will do all the “paper work” (including “visa”, “working permits”, etc.);
  • We will provide you with all the updates extremely fast;
  • Our candidates are smart and passionate software engineers.


  • Personal approach to everybody;
  • Total support during all the stages of relocation process (from visa support to search of an apartment);
  • More chances that your CV done by our team will be reviewed by company;
  • Updates on every stage;
  • We are looking for really interesting software companies for you to work at.


We know how to measure passion of software developers

Relocate Me focuses on the most popular specialists in web, mobile, desktop, embedded and even on very rare technologies like Scala, Erlang, Sitecore, Sencha etc.

Our clients main industries are: software development, internet services, eCommerce, telecom, media, banking, retail, healthcare etc.

  • PHP
  • Android
  • Apple iOs
  • Microsoft .NET
  • Oracle
  • HTML 5
  • Drupal
  • Java
  • C++
  • Magento
  • Ruby
  • SQL
  • JS
  • Python
  • QA
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None of technologies would ever scare us off!

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  • Sencha
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  • PhoneGap
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  • Scala
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  • Selenium
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  • Sitecore
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  • Hosting cloud
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  • Amazon
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  • Erlang
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  • Linux
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  • DevOps

Technical evaluation

Relocate Me team strives to make careful candidates selections, according to your requirements. You just need to provide stack of knowledge and skills that “perfect candidate” should match. Our technical experts will interview candidates from short-list and write down “pros” and “cons” about candidate’s technical skills.

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Happy Candidates

  • Nikita


    iOS Developer

    "Thank you Relocate Me for helping me find a great job in NGTI, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. My career target was to find a job that would bring me closer to the product and allow me to influence on the entire development process. I wanted to feel myself involved in a working process and generate new ideas. Besides, I always aimed to join a team of professionals and work in an “informal” environment. Relocate Me team also helped me and my family to move abroad.

  • Ievgen


    PHP Developer

    “I’ve been looking for a job in an international product company in Germany for quite a while since I used to with European clients remotely (3 years experience) and often went on business trips abroad. I’ve looked for a highload project where one can improve his/her skills and apply newly gained experience. I’ve passed a number of interviews, however the first job offer from Relocate Me was one of the most interesting for me. In 2 months, I already moved to Berlin. Relocate Me team has done an excellent job, they all helped me all the way through and up to the time when I received my Blue Card. As a nice trifle, they also helped my girlfriend to receive a multi-visa. Now we have no barriers at all to see each other as often as we’d like.

  • Oleg


    Visual Designer

    I've started to work with RelocateMe team on the advice of my friend. At first we just kept in touch as there was no suitable position for me. However, in a few months I was offered to apply for a newly opened position of Visual Designer in the Dutch company, NGTI (with 5 Ukrainian developers already being employed) . Since that moment the interviewing and relocation process quickly went on. The guys actively helped me at all the stages. Now my wife, cat and I live in a cosy flat in the centre of Rotterdam that faces the channel and I enjoy my work in a new company. Thank you, guys from Relocate Me, for opening the door to Europe for me and my family.

  • Misha


    iOS Developer

    I’ve had a very pleasant experience with Relocate Me, though before I’ve found this agency, I had a big conflict with another one. Relocate Me team found me a job which I gladly applied for. What a surprise it was for me to find out that they didn’t get any reward for all their efforts and time after I’d been hired! And even so, they never stopped to help with every little issue. Seriously, I’ve never seen such a level of commitment to a candidate! If any of my friends would ever look for a job, I would definitely refer them to Relocate Me with no shade of a doubt!

Happy Clients

Please see the list of our clients below. We are proud to provide these companies with recruitment and relocation services:

  • Siren Advertising
  • Reality Software
  • TPC
  • Mobindustry
  • Babenko eCommerce
  • PoloniumArts
  • Synergize!
  • Emesa
  • Opifer
  • Sam Solutions
  • Yalantis
  • NGTI
  • 6wk client
  • client
  • Spil Client

Success Stories

  • NGTI

    Rotterdam, Jan 2014

    About the company

    NGTI is a global business subdivision of Swisscom AG located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. NGTI company develops a platform (iO) aimed to maintain innovative communication services and expand telephone communications abroad (Europe, Canada and the US).

    Business challenge

    To find a number of highly-skilled engineers with solid development experience and form an enthusiastic team with good soft skills by selecting top-rated specialists from a wide range of candidates.


    Our team has successfully found Erlang, iOS, Android developers and  Graphical, UI designers. 6 candidates from 13 whose CVs have been presented already joined the company. The most difficult and challenging task for us was to fill a position of Erlang Developer as the company itself has been looking for such specialist for already a year. However, our specialist has become the right “match”. Relocate Me also takes care of all relocation procedures required to transport international developers to Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

  • Budgetplaces GmbH

    Berlin, Oct 2013

    About the company

    Budgetplaces is an online travel agency (OTA) which offers low-cost accommodation, in over 1,500 cities. The company partners with over 10,000 hotels and processes about 25,000 reservations and 70,000 room nights per month.

    Business challenge

    To find not just a regular PHP developer, but a person who has got good knowledge of MySQL, performance optimization and scalability and who’s ready to join the project within 1 month.


    «We’ve found a very experienced PHP back-end developer with in-depth knowledge of MySQL optimisation, high-traffice web systems and mathematical algorithms. The first interview with the first presented candidate was enough for the company to offer him full-time employment. We took care of relocation process, provided smooth transportation of our candidate to Germany and supported the guy till the moment he received his German Blue Card.

    Amsterdam, May 2013

    About the company

    Emesa is the leading Dutch e-commerce company (2M pages view per day) aimed to help consumers search, compare and book good travel & leisure packages. Emesa websites have got more than 95 M visitors per year.

    Business challenge

    To find talented and highly-skilled PHP developers with solid experience in OOD (including patterns), high performance web solutions, effective unit, end-to-end integration testing, cloud services, etc.


    Relocate Me team made a meticulous research of all the requirements and started to “hunt” for Senior PHP developers with good experience in “high-traffic” systems. 3 of 5 presented candidates got “job offers”. That’s been a big success taking into consideration how long it took Project Technical Leader before to interview candidates introduced by other agencies in vain. RelocateMe team performed all relocation procedures in a flash. In no time three new enthusiastic and motivated employees joined Emesa family of developers.

  • SaM Solutions GmbH
    January 2013

    About the company

    SaM Solutions is a leading software outsourcing company that primarily focuses on consulting US and European clients on offshore programming services and IT industry. SaM company manages a number of offices in Germany (Corporate Headquarters), the USA, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Latvia, Belarus and Ukraine.

    The company has got 20-years long history in the international market. A wide range of services and usage of top-rate technologies allow SaM Solutions to handle projects of any complexity.

    Business challenge

    To find highly-skilled Magento developer to create and support dynamic internet-projects (websites, portals, CMS, eCommerce, Social commerce applications) on MagentoCommerce base with good knowledge of OOP/OOD, Test-Driven Development and Unit Testing. Functions and project volume may vary according to rapidly changing client’s requirements.


    After in-depth analysis of requirements and specific of current position, our team started to look for an experienced Magento developer. Because of changing tasks and work load, we’ve offered collaboration with a contractor developer (according to the model “time and material”). RM team have interviewed about 20 candidates. Two candidates who met requirements were presented to a client. Two candidates appeared to be competent on all issues, however, a client chose the one who lived in his city so that he could personally come to the stand-up meetings if needed.

    As a result, SaM Solution has got a highly-qualified worker who can manage all kinds of projects to meet customers’ needs and demands.

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